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  • JDM DC5 RSX Push Start Install How To

    This article will show you step by step how to wire up the factory push start option available in japan.

    Remove all three trim panels below the steering wheel all the way back to the firewall and set aside.

    Directly under the steering wheel is where the main connection goes. It is a brown plug that is fairly wide.

    Your DC5R harness will have two of these type plugs, one will be male and the other female.

    This is the OEM removed before it plugs into the new harness.

    Here is the OEM harness going into the new harness.

    All plugged up:

    Once the connection is made run the wiring under the dash all the way across and out of the way of the steering rack. Now it's time to get your switch panel ready to accept the JDM Push Start!!!

    Note: I removed cruise control awhile back and had no problem removing the switch forever. Others have left the button on and placed it behind the panel. It could also be run to the coin pouch just below for a cleaner install.

    Before added wiring

    Where to run the new wires.

    Remove Carefully

    Came with a bracket and jdm stickers for the relays.

    Squeeze these and push from behind to remove.

    Remove all the connections.

    Empty...now it's time to cut.

    Paris Hilton night vision cutting action:


    Sunroof switch back in for now....


    The wiring should have been pulled through at this point. We do this before setting all the harnesses, ground, and new bracket to see how much slack is available to work with.

    Down the hatch.

    If only I was done: Now it's time to head under the dash.

    Part number for anyone going to Japan:

    Some tools needed at this point.

    This is where I started the under dash process.

    Make sure to install these relays where they go. You get three and they only fit where they belong, another reason to love Honda.

    Up next is the place where the bracket that came with the kit is installed. This bracket holds the relays up and out of the way. There is a nut welded onto another bracket that is not being used. It's dark up there and difficult to get to. Bracket is mounted with supplied 10mm bolt.

    Just in case you can't see it.

    Installing bracket.

    Ground is here.

    See up here in the dark.

    Shining a light on where the OEM ground wire is and where the ground needs to be added. 10mm bolt and not much room.

    Relays installed on bracket.

    Ground installed.

    Blurry shot before putting covers back on.

    Final piece of the puzzle: By the way, it will not start without this wire grounded, I tried it.

    But I decided there had to be a better way to make this work than cutting off the harness and stripping the wire. It may come in handy to have this harness clip one day. Who knows?

    Aha, it comes apart.

    This comes undone, then push on the lever inside and pull out the wire. Everything is reversable.

    Now where to put this wire.

    This looks good.

    Oh man, moment of truth. Well not really, I already tested it by jamming the wire onto another piece of metal but still, this time it's permanent.

    She starts and runs. By the way, if you press the start button after the car is started it will grind your starter. Just so you know.

    To sum it up: Not a bad amount of time spent but the under dash part sucks. It's dark, cramped, and you are upside down for a good amount of time fighting with bolts and no room to swing the ratchet. But hey, JDM bling conversions are never easy.
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