k24 short block/k20a2 head
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Thread: k24 short block/k20a2 head

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    Sina Motamedi

    Default k24 short block/k20a2 head

    I have a 02 RSX-S and I'm using my k20a2 head with a 2003 Honda CRV Block but I'm running into a problem..using my water pump from the k20a2 block and putting it on the k24 block, im noticing there is nowhere for the oil coolant hose, I have heard from some people that you should have your k24 block machined to look like the k20a2 block so that you can use your oil filter set up from the k20a2 block or use a k24 water pump and keep the same oil filter set up...for a better understanding, I found a website that has some pictures of this issue, they show the differences with the water pumps as well as the different with the blocks themselves, the website is http://www.sportcompactcarweb.com/te.../photo_06.html, please get back to me with what you think would be the best way to go, I'm trying to get this rebuild started late night or tomorrow, thanks!

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    Sina Motamedi


    anyone? need help asap plz

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    Just my humble opinion, but run with the K24 water pump. If you are concerned about oil temps then buy an aftermarket liquid to air oil cooler and run with that. You loose the benefit of the quicker warm up you get with the stock cooler, but it should be easier to plumb, and should cool the oil better too.

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    I wouldnt run out and by an aftermarket oil cooler just yet.

    If the crv block is anything like the tsx block, there is a plug that you can pull right above the port that the oil filter screws on. Its either a 10mm or 12mm allen head. If you have a spare k20a2 oil cooler put that on along with the plug that will fit in the top of the block where you just pulled the little plug out of. You will also need to use the types water pump. . . . . .

    The only thing that is tsx with my frank swap is the block its self. I used the types oil pump, water pump, oil pan, windage tray, oil cooler etc.

    However, if you the crv block is not like the tsx block, you will need to use the crv water pump.

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    you don't need the oil cooler. in the article it even says that they didn't need to but they did it anyway, you need to machine the block in order to use the rsx oil cooler. if you plan on revving to astronomic numbers and doing open wheel racing, I'd say use it. But for street use I think you'd be more than ok without it.

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    If its laying around I would use it. Its too easy to put on.

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    don't you have to drill into the block though?

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    For the oil cooler, no LOL its just a few bolts and one allen head plug. Once you get it in front of you to look at, you will see how it goes together. The only thing that would stop you from doing this is if the accord/crv bottom end is different than the tsx block.

    You got PM sir

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    the accord/crv is different. there's no port for the oil

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