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  1. Progress Springs and Ingalls Camber Kit Install
  2. The long wait is coming to a close...
  3. 225/50/15 or 205/55/15
  4. Tech Feature: Koni Strut Install on an EP3 Civic Si/SiR
  5. What's a good, inexpensive coilover option?
  6. Camber kits
  7. DC5 shocks/struts/springs compatible with the EP3 ?
  8. Just ordered my tires.
  9. So who all has actually bought Koni Shocks/Struts?
  10. My wheels...
  11. Well I bought some new rims and some Koni's
  12. About to order ingalls rear camber kit..rubber or polyurethe
  13. Anyone order rims/tires from m?
  14. SLAM!! :)
  15. Lower your EP!
  16. UPS made me happy today!
  17. Was searching topics about wheel hop...I might try this
  18. went by a shop to see how much the install is for koni's
  19. So far so good on the install of the konis....buttt....!! !!
  20. Well crap...skunk2's for civic si, don't fit with the konis.
  21. Koni's and skunk2's installed!
  22. Just installed TEIN Super Street Coilovers
  23. H&R Cup Kits
  24. Progress Sway, Neuspeed Front Bushings
  25. Progress Sway installed, pics-how to
  26. Squeak Squeak, what could that be??? Ah, the camber kit.
  27. front and rear strut bars
  28. Giovanni G-racing Rimz
  29. Tires or Wheel and Tires upgrade
  30. Spring Rates
  31. DIY Toe Alignment
  32. not sure what im doing
  33. Skunk 2 Coilovers????
  34. strut tower braces
  35. Where can i get info or purchase Progress springs?
  36. J's Racing Damper (Dampener, Dampner, etc)
  37. RSX Type S springs
  38. Weel sizes...
  39. Squeaking driving me nuts
  40. Anybody running 16's?
  41. 205/40/R17's which tire?
  42. Advice on Lowering
  43. Question About Engine Mount Install
  44. Torque settings
  45. em suspension in ep
  46. DIY Alignment Rack
  47. Springs and Struts
  48. stiff ride...?
  49. Tein or Eibach 1.5" drop???
  50. Comptech Rear sway/tie bar installed.
  51. Confused about suspension
  52. Spoon Coilovers
  53. what springs for daily driver?
  54. a little help with tein s tech springs
  55. My new wheels
  56. Vogtland Springs
  58. RSX type-S does it have a 4 or 5 lug bolt pattern?
  59. Just lowered my Si
  60. Ultralight Rear Lower Control Arms
  61. Tein s tech springs installed(pics)
  62. Brembo Drilled Brake system
  63. Spring Infomation Please
  64. Waiting for shocks
  65. Koni perch breaks...Thank God I was driving it when it did..
  66. Rear Sway Bar
  67. anyone post a painted wheels how to?
  68. EBay rear strut bar
  69. Official EP3 Part Weights Thread
  70. Busted Ball Joint Rubber Boot While Installing the Mugens...
  71. Got the modification to fix my koni's *Pic*
  72. My foray into camber-futzing (long)
  73. Progress springs are in. Rear is higher with the konis
  74. Rim Sizes
  75. Rear Camber Question
  76. Crossed drilled/slotted versus just slotted versus blanks...
  77. Please help me with my spring install!!!
  78. Spoon strut bar HELP!!!
  79. Updated new info on JIC coilovers
  80. Tire size question (i searched)
  81. Alignment question
  82. 15x7? what tire size should i get?
  83. Desperately need new break pads... What to get??
  84. 14" rim...
  85. 15x7 rims/40mm offset : i think im f*cked
  86. New toys:: JIC Magic suspension
  87. RSX-S Rear Sway Bar Install for an EP3 Civic Si
  88. Help me pick a set of tires (NOT size)...
  89. Some new rims/tires I'll be buying...
  90. Vid of the damn creaking sound I get in my suspension
  91. Uneven car
  92. wheel offset
  93. 22mm comptech sway for only 94 bucks!?
  94. looking at ro_ja's
  95. shaking at 60/80mph?
  96. comptech front strut bar?
  97. Strut Opinions
  98. Koni's that are actually made FOR the EP3?
  99. HKS CF Front Strut Bar
  100. Baby steps into suspension
  101. Well...KYB finally has the shocks ready for you guys
  102. mugen control arms...?
  103. ep3 front strut bars.
  104. Mugen Sports Suspension Kit
  105. What is the best brand of rear strut bar for ep3
  106. gt-7(s)
  107. dc5/ep3/ems2 suspension questions
  108. RSX-S rear sway, squeaking
  109. lowering my ep
  110. JIC Majic or Tein Flex?????????
  111. AEM Big Brake Upgrade Kit
  112. DC5 Springs in a EP3?
  113. Lets's talk suspension!
  114. KONI's Vs JIC/Tein
  115. Just ordered Eibach sways.
  116. Suspension Tech (RE: Bushing distortion and chassis flex)
  117. RSX flywheel and clutch
  118. possible to increase turning radius?
  119. Front passenger side koni is going out
  120. POLL: Best Performing: JIC, Mugen or Tein Suspension?
  121. brake install help?
  122. um.. Wheels ques.
  123. Determining Tire Sizes
  124. rims...
  125. Brake pad install
  126. 2002 EP3 suspension upgrade
  127. The new Centerline wheels
  128. ep3 wheels?
  129. Anyone ever buy from
  130. Where can I get...
  131. Hayame kit for EM2 on an EP3?
  132. HELP ME!!!!!
  133. Suspension Help
  134. Suspension tuning 101: Sway Bars
  135. Suspension Tuning 101: Basics and terms
  136. Suspension tuning 101: alignment concepts
  137. Prothane Motor Mounts
  138. Leaking struts???? Warning 56k large pic
  139. Ok Eric Found His Tires Now Everyone Help Me Find Mine :)
  140. eibach prostreet coilover kit
  141. Tein SS for the EM2 need modding to fit the EP3 right?
  142. Lug Nuts?
  143. Ebay rear strut bar
  144. Wheels, I need your opinions please.
  145. DIY guide for installing/replacing full coilover kits?
  146. Mugen Rear Tower Brace
  147. D3 Designs Double X-Brace Arrived Today
  148. Installing Mugen supsension
  149. EP Motor Mounts
  150. how to calculate my drop
  152. Stock EP Front Sway Bar Size???
  153. 225 tires on 7 inch wheels?
  154. installed eibachs, loud screeech!
  155. DIY rear camber alignment
  156. Help With Rear Sway end Link
  157. Bent End Link?
  158. Mugen Sway bars
  159. Help me fellow Ep'ers
  160. My Last Wheel Question For Forever, RIP
  161. How to blow a JIC damper
  162. Collapsed ball joints...?
  163. POST pics.....neuspeed race, H&R's....
  164. EDITED: H&R, Sportlines, ProKit, or Progress?
  165. Suspension Stiffness
  166. can someone give me a pic of an Ep on Eibach ProKit pleas :)
  167. Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper
  168. Progress sway bar and stock exhaust
  169. Pricing on Tein Basic
  170. Front/Rear Sway-Bars
  171. Rotor Upgrade
  172. What's including in Skunk2 Coilover kit?
  173. Aarrrgh.... Koni problems up in hurr.
  174. Brake Upgrade
  175. JIC Bar (56k Warn)
  176. Suspension!?
  177. brake question
  179. sprint springs????????
  180. 19s con 235/35/19?
  181. Kumho Ecsta MX KU15
  182. installed teins stechs springs/ will shocks last
  183. S2000 wheels on EP
  184. My Caster is off and they say they can not adjust it
  185. will rsx springs fit an ep3?
  186. Progress rear sway problem... need help
  187. nuespeed springs!!!! shocks???
  188. tires
  189. CTR Front Sway Bar Size?
  190. cross-drilled slotted brakes anyone????
  191. steel-braided lines
  192. What brakes do I need?
  193. CTR rear sway bar
  194. racing hart c4, work emotion cr, axis maglites... which woul
  195. Just to let u know
  196. '04 HFP Wheels & Suspension (Ebay)
  197. neuspeed squeak?
  198. Quick offset question
  199. tein basics vs. koni yellows w/ H&R springs
  200. buddy club suspension
  201. ep stock height on 18's?
  202. Steering noise.
  203. Rims
  204. What size hub centric rings for Rota's?
  205. need help - coilovers
  206. Any places that deal with discount or clearence rims?
  207. Suspension Advice / Questions...
  208. what coilovers should i get
  209. lil help... suspension prollems
  210. Tein Basics V.S. B & G
  212. tanabe coilovers
  213. 215/45/17 camber help
  214. Thinking of lowering my car slightly
  215. Rear Tie
  216. Tire Reviews
  217. rear tower bar
  218. Range of adjustability?
  219. Finally installed Double X Brace on my ep3
  220. Where can I find type-r sway bar 22mm?
  221. tein basics
  222. New chassis bracing components coming soon......
  223. is this normal for rotors?
  224. What is a good combo....
  225. em1 civic coupe spring or coilovers?
  226. What kind of bushings........
  227. Alignment settings for EP3?
  228. Need install guide for tein s-tech springs
  229. Alignment changes after installing Motor Mount Inserts
  230. Tein Basics crunching noise
  231. progress lower tie bar combo vs. spoon lower tie bar
  232. ground your feedback
  233. would u buy used sleeved coilovers?
  234. Anyone on D2's go to a track yet?
  235. Replacement Rota center caps that won't overheat?
  236. Strange thing going on...wheel off center, then it's not... FIXED!!!
  237. advice on lowering springs 03 civic si?
  238. Nuespeed race + no camber kit
  239. question on offset
  240. Tein Basic Questions
  241. Rims and lowering
  242. New rims
  243. Rsx-s and ep3 front sway Q?
  244. Need Shocks
  245. I think I found a part to make the tie rods level after lowering...
  246. rear strut bar
  247. how to install springs on an ep3, problem removing tie rod
  248. painting my wheels
  249. Mugen 25mm rear sway?
  250. What does adjusting dampening level actually do?