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11-27-2006, 12:01 AM
where should i go for :
1. headers
2. throttle body(bigger)
3. injectors
4. Si intake manifold

any particular store?


12-06-2006, 03:32 PM
you don't want an si im. get the tsx intake manifold. it's got the code RBB on it, hondata used a bunch of different im's and came up with the stock one was the best. http://www.hondata.com/tuning_k24a2_tsx_eng ine.html. it says the rbb comes stock on the accord, but it's wrong. at least for the 2003's non california emissions ones. but honda switches crap up for no good reason. rip off your im and check the code, it's cast into the manifold with 3 letters. get one from any junkyard.

you can get your tb bored by maxbore.com

you can't use bigger injectors without k-pro your stock ecu would freak shit if it was using 440cc injectors thinking it was 330cc injectors or whatever the stockers are. plus if you're not getting a significant increase of air in the engine you don't need the extra fuel. (we're talking more air than the k24 can suck in on it's own)

this guy on ebay sells dc sports headers for like 260-280 i think it's like kurarama motorin or something like that, do a search on ebay and click through them until you find his name. also check the for sale ads on gen7accord.com a bunch of people are getting rid of theirs.