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09-30-2007, 04:41 PM
I was curious if the 6 speed tranny out of the rsx type s will mount up to the k24a engine out of a 2003 accord ex and will is it be possible to do a head swap or is it better to just rebuild my head with a performance valve train?

10-02-2007, 12:35 AM
Okay- first thing's first.
Yes, the tranny should bolt right up. K-series is k-series, in terms of tranny.
Next up: getting head...
Head swapping will require K-Pro (see my other post for your ? about chips), and $$- don't bother unless you have deepish pockets.
Building your head will work as long as you leave the cams alone. Here's what you CAN do (no exceptions!) without K-Pro:
Head gasket
ARP head studs (HIGHLY reccommended in ANY engine build)
port and polish the heads (Waste of $- k-series heads flow enough air for 400+HP in stock form- polishing MIGHT get a pony or two, but for $700+, skip it!)
flat-faced valves (bump compression slightly, and reduce friction- might be worth it)
dual valve springs (not really a big deal with a stock redline, but it shouldn't hurt)
titanium retainers (less valvetrain mass= better throttle response, quicker revving, more power)
Grand total for ~$2k of work and parts:
Maybe 10 WHP
Worth it? Not likely.
For $3k:
$1k goes to a nice junkyard k20a2 (RSX-S- pre '05!!!) with tranny, harness, etc.
$900 for K-Pro
$500 for tuning
$600 for install/random crap
And you'll pick up more power, and have a motor worth tuning (shut up, Cham- I know! But still, $ for $ for a street car, it's true! :-p)

Again- fire back some questions, comments, or concerns! :) Mark W.

10-02-2007, 09:31 PM
wow! i have a lot to think about.

i checked your profile and it says you have your own shop, that's sweet. do you work on other peoples cars and sell parts and stuff?

10-03-2007, 01:21 AM
Well, now it's former shop owner, but I whore myself out to work on cars and whatnot. I'm actually now in tech school to help learn more and make connections. Just got in with Phoenix Racing in PA- they have 7 of the first 8 Turbo Solstices, and I got to play with them and meet GM Performance Division guys! EEEE! :) Very fun- easy ass cars to work on, suspension wise. The stock turbo setup is pretty narsty- well-designed, and not a lot of room for major improvement- can't wait to see the direct injection cracked! Sorry for another rant! :) Mark W.