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    I have always thought that an editorial section, aka rant would provide some needed humor and opinions to the site. This is where that would be, we would switch it up with different writers here and then. But who am I trying to impress, myself? the general reader? I find that in the car industry we always seem to try and "out do" the other guy, for what. We are wasting our time trying to be the best "website" for the K-Series platform. We will always struggle to compete.

    What is the point of competition in this market? A few advertiser dollars that can help cover costs. Sure. But lets look at the situation, our "competition" is a bunch of forum websites. Forums! A place where people share info and garbage in the same place. Advertisers seem to look on forums as a readership of a site. We can not compare to the other sites for forum traffic, we are the underdog. I do not know why, but our forums are not as active. That is fine. Well if our forums are not getting traffic that means we must not be getting readers. Well that is untrue, we have tens of thousands of unique vistors per month.

    So does that mean we are wasting our time in this industry to help people we don't know for free? Not sure. Lets hope you readers can understand our frustrations, and we can still continue to provide our info for you for free. We want your support, if not in forums, you can provide us info to share to the world, that way your contribution helps us sleep at night, knowing that we are making progress in this industry we love so much.
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