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    Let me start with a now common occurrence in life, elitism. Well, to be elite (Leet/1337) you have to have something that no one else has. In real life, it’s money, assets and career. In the Honda/Acura world…it’s imported and rare parts from Japan.

    JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) has a few meanings. OEM parts from the land of the rising sun to replace our sometimes lame or lacking bits from the US DOT flavor. Also, hard to find parts from when the import scene was just starting. This is part of the “Old School JDM” mindset where 20 year old wheels from companies since long gone, or renamed; are refinished, re-wrapped and loved by all no matter how ugly they are.

    Now, there are some great parts from Japan that I think they deserve to be on US cars. Power folding mirrors, coin holders, radio deletes and a few of tuner parts (Mugen and Spoon for example) for looks or functionality. Hell, even a set of old Work wheels or Sprints set a car off.

    Here’s where my rant starts….getting the above parts is not easy OR cheap. So for those of us that can’t or don’t want to spend the coin on them, we do what comes easiest, we try and replicate with what we have. That normally means knock off wheels and cheaper/similar parts. These parts are here to create a look that those with “baller status” look down on and more frequently than less talk down about.

    If I want to build up a car and get a look that I like, why can’t a set of Rota Jmags be alright? Why do I need a set of Mugen M7’s to validate the blood, sweat and tears that I shed building that car? What about the rich kids that drop their car off somewhere and out it comes in all its JDM glory…they didn’t work on that car, why are they praised? It’s because they have money, or more importantly, because their parents do.

    I don’t subscribe to that line of thought. I build cars for me and within a budget. If I had the money, my DA would be rocking a set of Work Nezarts, but they’re stock for now. Will I get Rotas for it, possibly? Am I against them, not at all?

    Having a set of wheels that were ugly in 1992…means that you have 15 year old wheels…that are UGLIER in 2007. Old doesn’t always = good. Use some common sense. Sure, the first set of Mugens are cool to have, but man, a tad bit on the “ugly as sin” side aren’t they?

    Guys; don’t knock on some kid for wanting his car to look nice. If he does something that lacks judgment, sure, help him out. If he wants 17’s, explain why 16/15’s might be a better solution. But don’t knock his car cause he has no name springs with 16” Slips on it. Hell, as long as it looks and rides right, why should it matter?

    JDM FTMFW (For The MF-ing Win) is fine for the most part. The cars look good and have some quality pieces on it. But don’t be an elitist, because after all…you still only drive a Honda/Acura.

    Keep it real.

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