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  • SEMA 2007 - Wrap Up

    I went hoping to see some crazy Hondas and wasn't impressed with what they had to offer. The Couture Fit was amazing, hell the Fit's were ruling the show for Hondas. But not one EG/DC2 or TL, and only one NSX. The couple of radically modified S2ks were a treat. I was more impressed with the Nissan and Toyota/Lexus displays. Nissan brought out the race cars while Toyota designers dropped some super creative displays. Lexus had a full outside showroom for the IS-F. Plus Toyota had Five-Axis create some awesome concepts. Those guys are insane and I got to sit in on an interview with the head designer Troy from Five Axis.

    I am not into "unobtanium" with over sized color matched rims, i.e. Rolls Royces, Bentleys, giant BMWs and Mercedes. Anyone with too much money and no skills can do that. Show me more highly engineered street/race cars with exotic parts and custom fabricated everything!!! The Audi R8s need to be seen in person to truly appreciate their raw beauty. Lambos are done, over with. Hummers now have 32 inch wheels, wtf?? The Carrera GT from Porsche is simply amazing. I kept coming back to look at this car from different angles. The Michelin booth/display had the Audi TDi and Corvette race cars on display. Plus, they had slicks from the variety of race series that they run.

    The fact that I didn't find the press room until Thursday night really got me down. I missed all the cool celebs. As much as Steve wanted Kat Von Dee, I wanted to meet Will Castro, ha ha. I missed them both. SEMA is one place where a Starship Enterprise transporter would have really been useful. The enormity of it all can't be expressed, it took days to find things, and sometimes, they were never found again!!

    The after market brands on display were a pretty impressive lot. HKS, Greddy, Hondata, Mackin Industries, Full Race, Brembo, Koni, Tokico, Tein, Eclipse, Seibon, Samco, Status, StopTech, and Recaro all had displays full of their best and latest toys to touch, drool on, or find out if my butt could fit in. SEMA is the Toys R Us for us car loving adults. If you like to see things before you buy them, this may be one of the few places to do it. Just bring your wish list so you can keep track of all the good toys you will be asking Santa for.

    I'm pretty sure I made it to every single booth. I took a methodical route going up and down every aisle in each very large hall. The show needed to last longer though, 9 to 5 isn't enough time to thoroughly appreciate it all. I had to wait until it was over to eat because I didn't want to lose any time. I took 600 pictures, so obviously I had plenty to look at. The girls were pretty decent too. Most people were happy to talk to me while some were very busy with potential customers, old friends, etc.

    It was an experience that I am truly thankful for. Las Vegas as a town doesn't interest me in the slightest. I went to a casino and couldn't help but notice how sad most of the people looked, especially the locals. Addictions have a way of wearing down the faces of the addicted. The only saving grace was the incredible mountain back drop that surrounds the city. The warm temperatures in November are also a plus. This show should move all the way to the west coast, so leaving the cleanliness and gleam of the convention center wouldn't feel so depressing. That way they could have the best trade show in the best location and every aspect would be beautiful and inspiring.

    -Chris Eaves
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