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  • New Project Civic Fuel Sipper

    This is the project I want to start this summer. I am looking at taking a 92 Civic VX and turning it into a 60+ MPG economy car. Currently the search is on for a clean, rust free example.

    Here is some information from Wikipedia.

    Fifth generation (19921995) - EG, EH, EJ1, EJ2

    Main article: Honda Civic (fifth generation)
    Introduced in 1992, the redesigned Civic featured increased dimensions, as well as more aerodynamic styling. The efficiency of the previous HF model was replaced by the VX hatchback which, with an EPA rating of 48/55 MPG, was Honda's most fuel efficient model sold at the time.

    So it looks like 60 MPG is a very achievable goal. Gas prices are too volatile now that Saudi admitted to overestimating their reserves and that Exxon is now only able to collect 95 barrels for every 100 that it sells. This is the definition of peak oil.

    So keep up, the search is on. Let me know if you have any leads and ideas that you would like to see be tested.



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