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  • Project Civic Fuel Sipper Part 2

    I Finally Bought My First Civic Hatch!!

    After about a month of constant searching I finally came across a perfect fuel saver project.
    I spent a lot of time searching craigslist, ebay, autotrader, carsforsale, vadriven, and carolinahondas. I found cars and sent out messages only to find that they had sold in a matter of days. Or upon closer examination the cars were rust buckets or poorly realized projects too big for the kids to handle.

    I drove 4 hours to look at an HX that ended up being a total piece. It was the definition of artistic license with the dealer's photography (or lack thereof) hiding every flaw. Even after I refused to test drive it he still held firm at 4000 dollars. Every panel was damaged, half the interior wasn't where it was supposed to be, and it had been smoked in. Yet, he still wanted 2000 over book. That is the craziness that is shopping for a used 92-00 Honda Civic, but especially so for the fuel efficient VX and HX models.

    But back to my success. I had just received email confirmation that a clean HX in Maryland had sold in two days and I was back to square one. I decided to search in my local area one more time and there it was. I sat there frozen. It's beauty was perched on my screen daring me to get my hopes up. I read the description and fell even further. A red 1992 Honda Civic CX with 104,500 original miles. No rust, no body damage, no dents, and it looked unmolested. I couldn't dial the number fast enough and luck would have that the car was still available. I asked them to hold it and I would be there in fifteen minutes and I was.

    The dealer met me outside and asked if I was Chris. I had already been around the car checking for hidden rust, poorly repaired quarters, and other common problem areas with these almost 20 year old Hondas. She handed me the keys and I opened it up and popped the hood. Something wasn't right, the single O2 wire and catalytic converter right off the head were correct but the intake arm wasn't fitting to the throttle body correctly. I looked at the block code and it was a D15B7 engine from the 102 horsepower DX. Not exactly the fuel efficient motor I was looking for but not a problem a simple swap couldn't take care of. Plus it was a 32 horsepower upgrade from the anemic 70 horses of the stock CX. The car drove like a twenty year old car should, worn out, rattles, and tons of light weight fun. I took it to a parking lot and really dug into the car, going over every inch and finding no serious faults.

    Turns out it was a theft recovery which was why the key didn't work in the driver's door. I'm sure some tool bag was going to attempt to build himself a nice little race (rice) car and I hope he is in jail thinking about what he did wrong. This did not deter me. Neither would the crap ass Maaco paint job, with over spray pretty much everywhere, change my mind. Every seal, trim piece, and under body has a nice coat of almost correct Honda red. This little piece of stone just needs a good owner with a nice set of polishing tools.

    Next installment will have me going over the entire car looking for hidden issues, finding some doozies and attempting to fix them, and adding some enhancements and security.

    Part 1: https://www.k-series.com/content.php?...ct-Fuel-Sipper
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