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  • Project Civic Fuel Sipper Part 3

    Update: First tank of gas was 39.8 MPG!!! This was with normal driving and some coasting but also some high RPM pulls to ensure that the transmission was the properly low geared CX unit. 40 mph in first gear confirms it!

    So the first step in any new car purchase is to clean the car and inspect it for any flaws. Buying a used car there is bound to be issues that need addressing. I started with a thorough interior clean and found my first major issue, water underneath the carpet and in the trunk. Turns out there is a factory service bulletin regarding water leaking from the front firewall seals.

    This will be a simple fix once I buy some seam sealer and have time to remove the fenders. In the meantime I decided to remove the interior and check for rust. Plus removing the carpet allows me to hose it down completely which is always interesting. Hosing this carpet revealed a ton of brown water rushing down the driveway. This leak has been here awhile. Fortunately, I found no rust in the front of the car. I removed the two panels of sound deadening just to ensure no rust or moisture was trapped underneath. These panels and the lower half of the soaked and mildewed firewall mat weighed about 8 lbs!

    In the trunk I found some rust. The leaks are coming from the 19 year old tail light gaskets. This is a common leak as my much newer RSX had the same issue.

    I ordered all new gaskets from Honda and replaced the old crunchy, brown, and completely worthless pieces of foam that once provided a seal against the elements. I then decided to go hardcore against the current and future rust.

    I knew about POR15 from my Jeeping buddies and how it has been used in numerous restorations of classic jeeps and other vehicles. POR15 works by completely sealing any covered area with an almost impossible to penetrate seal. Leave some POR15 on the lid of the can and once it dries you will never get it open again.

    I ordered a kit that came with two quarts of POR15 and the degreaser Marine Clean and the metal prep called Prep and Ready. It turns out that two quarts is about 1.5 quarts more than is needed to coat two thirds of the Civic floor. It also comes in pint size which might have been a better amount.

    By the way this stuff is toxic. I bought a 30 dollar respirator from Lowe's and some long length latex gloves. Once this stuff gets on your skin it stays until the skin is shed, ask how I know.

    POR15 spreads easily and is kind of runny so account for that when you are applying it. I used a regular small paint brush after trying a mini roller and one of those foam tipped wastes of time. I did the entire spare tire well, the passenger side floor, the ecu mount and holder, the rear seat backs, and the passenger side quarter panel all with less than a half a quart.

    The next installment will go over installing the rear diffuser, cleaning up some HX rims, picking the right suspension, and installing some creature comforts.

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