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  • Project Fuel Sipper Part 4

    This installment we will go over installing the rear diffuser, cleaning up some HX rims, picking the right suspension, and installing some creature comforts and finding more things wrong.

    The 92-95 Civic VX came with every trick Honda could think of for increasing gas mileage in order to attain an EPA rated 50mpg. One of those tricks was a simple rear diffuser to clean up airflow and prevent the rear bumper from becoming a wind brake.

    This is attached with three clips, a screw, and a plug that the screw goes into.

    How it starts:

    Plug goes here:

    Diffuser goes up here.

    Screwed in:

    These clips are just pushed on

    Simple install, under 50 bucks for it all, and anything to help increase the mileage is fine in my book.

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    1. k-series's Avatar
      Nice write up! Part numbers?


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    1. caeavesrsx-s's Avatar
      Check the pics for part numbers.
    1. ycgold123's Avatar
      thats amazing!
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