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  • Project Fuel Sipper Part 5

    I apologize for the long time between updates, between upgrading the transmission in my RSX for road course duty and waiting for all of the needed Civic parts, it was a busy and expensive summer.

    Where to start.

    I decided that attacking the 19 year old suspension would be the best way to start the build. A solid foundation is important for whatever direction the build may take. Too many people, my previous builds included, jump into the power first and then try to figure out ways to control it and it doesn't always end well. My last Civic had a fresh jdm B16A swap with worn out brakes and crappy tires and it ended up in the back of an MDX during a 15 car panic stop on I95 just south of DC. Good brakes and tires just aren't sexy or flashy enough for most people.

    So here are the parts:

    Thanks to ClubRSX and Tirerack for carrying all of this. Also, purchased parts from Honda, Advance Auto, and Zeckhausen Racing.

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    1. k-series's Avatar
      Nice work Chris, very clean build.


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    1. caeavesrsx-s's Avatar
      Thanks. I would like the car more if it were quieter and didn't leak water and wasn't oversprayed everywhere.
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