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  • East Coast Honda Meet 2013

    East Coast Honda Meet 2013 Richmond, Virginia

    It was time again for the annual East Coast Honda Meet and the excitement was high. The weather looked like we were finally going to get a break from the constant rain we had been experiencing. ECHM was hyping this event up all over Facebook. My feed was full of people getting excited to debut what they had been working on since last year. I was ready for another solid event.

    It was hot! Upper 90s and high humidity hot. The hot you can only experience in the southeast. We took our time getting there as the line to get in can take a few hours to process. We sailed in without any issues. This is the second year at RIR and things went much smoother this time around. ECHM is all about learning lessons and applying them.

    The first thing we noticed was how empty the VIP lot was. We got to RIR two hours after the gates opened and people were already leaving the lot. I missed catching a beautiful white RSX that was possibly on Volks. Too bad. I'm not sure if the heat was the culprit or if they had seen everything they wanted to see in those two hours. Either way, it's hard to capture and share your hard work when you leave before the first two hours of a seven hour event.

    The good news was that there were plenty of parts vendors, a dyno, a pool, some live music, and food trucks. I would like to see a shop only dyno competition. Let them compete against each other and bring out their big guns. That might keep the people around longer. Maybe a "best of" award or two will keep the big gun cars around. Either way, as long as they keep putting the show on, I will be attending. Sometimes getting out of the house, off the internet (for those complaining about this meet every year), and around people like yourself is a good thing no matter the cost.

    On to the cars:

    Inline Pro RSX

    JEI's K swapped supercharged Civic.

    Gen.1 TSX on Enkei NT-01s

    Supercharged Si

    Very nice pearl paint and 949 Racing wheels! Great start.

    Knock offs but I liked the look.

    BBS wheels makes this Accord look great.

    The CRZ contingent were out in force. Very well build group of cars. This one on CE28s, Spoon Calipers, Recaros, and J's Racing exterior goodies.

    Hidden gem in the regular lot.

    Tempest Racing products and very clean bay.

    Mugen kit and Advans.


    Nice 240.

    This Vertex RX7 was one of the best cars here.

    Mugen wheels and great paint.

    J's Racing supercharged TSX with CE28s and Spoon calipers. This was a very well rounded build.


    Eric Badis's Supercharged TL.

    An NSX on Advans for when you get tired of your fully built RSX.

    Veilside RX7 from Trey's Garage. Need I say more.

    All In Fab parts all over this engine bay.

    Boosted RSX.

    Walker bumper is always a good choice.

    J's Racing CRZ on Advans and Recaros.

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